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Bike racks delivered to city to enhance downtown, bike trails master plan

Seventeen bike racks have been delivered to the City of Greer as part of its long-term walking and bike trails master plan.

The racks are an investment from Partnership for Tomorrow, a think tank of Greer leaders who helps steer the city’s future development and quality of life.

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Twelve of the racks, black with the City logo on them, will be located throughout the city near shops and restaurants and nearby parks. Others will be placed at locations favorable to bike trails in Greer.

“At least two bikes can be anchored to each bike rack,” Ann Cunningham, Director of Parks and Recreation, said.

Cunningham said the decision where to locate the bike racks have yet to be determined. “I can imagine one would be near the Benchmark bicycle shop on Randall Street and another near BIN112 on Trade Street and a couple of other places,” she said.

City officials will have to consider, with more bicyclists anticipated in the central business district, enforcing the downtown parking ordinance it specifically passed to prohibit vehicles parked facing the wrong way. Bicyclists are endangered when vehicles exit from the wrong side of the street.

Police, at the encouragement of city officials, do not enforce that parking ordinance.

The city’s commitment to a downtown walking and bicycling master plan was emphasized last November when a Greenville design and consulting firm submitted a study on a walk and bike-friendly community that will connect parks, trails and green space.