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Bike racks provides convenient for people

Say a bike racks support mass green travel time arrival, because the cause of the economic development, from the earliest in China mainly depend on bike travel gradually evolved into streets of motor vehicle speed, thus slowly motor vehicle parking lot construction as the key, and development to the present national in advocate green travel, travel choice bike last mile, in the face of more and more people love green travel, city construction planning bicycle parking bays, motor vehicle parking parking locators, then the application of a bicycle parking rack more and more appear in the city's streets for citizens free of charge!


Today is not simply the streets have bike racks, schools and community property in order to let the bicycle, electric cars put more standardized, hope in the limited space can be parked at the same time more non-motor vehicles also installed the racks.Now the era of green travel, have to create brand bicycle racks, you don't need to worry about the bike no place can be docked