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Pioneer car industry: bicycle racks why not valued in China?

Bicycle racksWhy not taken seriously in China?

Bicycle racks have long been there, we are often able to see on the side of the road in the country, especially in the subway, the door will be equipped with a super bicycle racks. However, many people have always turned a blind eye bicycle racks, its own way, I want to stop where they liked, the face of this situation many times really helpless.

Why, then, bicycle racks in China the situation is so embarrassing it?

First, the street or the subway bicycle racks are usually funded by the government installed, but the government do these things based on how many of the needs of the people to do? Most are also to get some money to take an achievement or from it, such a situation in China should be regarded as normal, so we do not go demanding anything, because the social atmosphere is so. The purpose of the government to do things impure, naturally there will be many problems, such as: racks installation location is reasonable? Installs racks done to assess whether the statistics, each point will need to install a number? When everything is not from the reality of the time, naturally there will be no rational planning.


Second, there is no legal pressure, moral pressure to limit you, be sure to stop parking to the parking stand, can not be freely parked on the roadside. So Faced with this situation, there are a few people can consciously stop to the bicycle parking rack it? In Japan we have been exclusive, non-stop into the parking bike rack, the vehicle will be detained, subject to 3000-- fine of 5,000 yen, I am not respected in Japan, but such a system, in China Can not you have it?

Third, the popularity of racks in China is not enough, many people now even bicycle racks what is not know! In addition, in which a lot of people's consciousness, this concept does not exist, so there is no such concept of a person, he will be conscious of how the car to the parking stand it?

The above three points is the current embarrassing situation should be bicycle racks it!

Every day domestic loudly shouting slogans of "green travel, green energy", "serving the people, the construction of the new face of the city", "to create the most beautiful city!" Listening to these deceptive slogans every day, why not start from a practical point of things?

China, you still have a long way to go ah!