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"Black Technology" Facilitates Production and Life -Three-dimensional Double Parking Rack

  • Author:Iris Han
  • Release on:2018-06-13

 With the development of the city, traffic congestion has become more serious. More and more people are choosing to travel by public transport. Bicycles are popular green travel tools. The emergence of shared bicycles now facilitates public travel. Three-dimensional double-decker bicycle parking rack came into being under this background. It is believed that more cities will popularize the use of double-layer bicycle parking racks in the future.


   This bicycle parking racks are made of aluminum materials. They are compact in structure and beautiful in appearance. They are lightweight and use high safety. The three-dimensional double-decker bicycle parking rack is mainly composed of upper and lower sections. The upper section uses assisted vertical lifting and can easily be used as a bicycle. Parked on the upper parking platform to save space; the lower stage uses a horizontal sliding type, not only to free up space to facilitate the upper section of the lift, but also to facilitate the next parking bike.


* Save space: Make full use of the least space and park more bikes
* Simple Operation : the upper stage uses the assisted vertical lift type. No matter the elderly, pregnant women, children, etc. can easily stop and take a bicycle.
* Durable Usage: unique materials, manufacturing processes and professional assembly technology greatly increase the overall application strength
* Beautiful and Novel: lightweight human design, unique novel shape
*  Uniformly Neat: Each bicycle corresponds to a parking platform that effectively solves the problem of parked parking and adds a beautiful landscape to the city.

Product Operation:

- Remove the lower part and lower the lever
- Put in the bike, lift the lever
- Free the lower part and lower the lever
- Take out the bike and lift the Lever

Broad Prospects Applications:
   The unique three-dimensional double-decker bicycle parking rack can effectively improve the overall environmental grade of the use site. It is the best product choice for supporting infrastructure such as subway stations, shopping malls, residential areas, universities, and municipal image construction.