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Riding and Bike Parking

  • Author:Ronnie Huang
  • Release on:2018-06-15
   There is Dragon Boat Festival in China, short holidays will coming from Jun.16th to Jun.18th.
Dragon Boat Festival is famous for Dragon Boat Racing and Duanwu Zongzi to memorize Quyuan ( Chinese patriotic poet) . 

  Do you have any plan in short holidays? It is hot summer in China now, too hot outside in daytime, many people choose nightfall or night to go out for walking, dancing or riding.
   Riding around the Lake or near a mountain lane is a nice thing, would you have any bike racks for parking and security? Here are some bicycle racks recommend to you:
   1.The wave rack offers a simple and compact way to park bikes. With a wide range of bike capacity and options, the wave rack provides an easy answer to meeting parking demands. It is suitable installed around Lake, Ocean, Park, School or Station and etc...
Commercial Loops bike racks are excellent for bicycle parking. Commercial loop bike racks are easy to install and provide an excellent secure bicycle rack for bicycle parking. The simple design can be in-ground mounted or surface mounted into concrete. 

  2.Bicycle Wall Mount Hook Hanger Garage Storage Holder Rack Stand, it is portable using at home, garage, shop... No assembly required and easy to install.

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