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Chinese Bicycles Will Stop on the "Tall"!

  • Author:Iris Han
  • Release on:2018-08-31
In the past two years, with the popularity of shared bicycles in China, bicycles have once again entered the field of vision. The problem of bicycle management is also getting better.

At present, two stereo bicycle libraries have been successfully developed and are suitable for use in different scenes such as subway stations and parks. 

According to reports, in this garage, the average pickup time of the bicycle is about 10 seconds. This is very helpful for cracking the problem of bicycle parking.

Next year, these "new inventions" will also be piloted in crowded areas such as China's subway stations.

Two bicycle garages are freshly "released"

Although bicycle parking can not occupy too much space, with the dramatic increase in the number of shared bicycles, the problem of bicycle parking is becoming more and more serious.

The two bicycle parking garages developed this time mainly consider different scenes of bicycle parking. 

The first is a cloud-shaped bicycle garage, which can park 120 bicycles and is suitable for underground bridges next to the subway. The other is a round tower-shaped double-decker bicycle garage for light-weight bicycles.

Of course, in addition to sharing bicycles, other bicycles can also be parked on the bicycle parking garage. Some high-end bicycles can also set a password, and only the correct password can be used to pick up the bike.

Finish Parking within about 10 seconds
In contrast, the use of this new design bicycle library is much simpler and does not test the user's parking technology. In general, the user can complete an access in about 10 seconds, and the operation is not complicated.

Simple bicycle parking garage, are you ready to welcome?