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Department activities and Good News

  • Author:Ronnie Huang
  • Release on:2018-09-07
  Golden September Silver October, hot sale periods, we hold a sales competition in these periods. Cheer up everyone, come on!

  Here introduce our company again, we are specialized in manufacturing bike parking racks, also surrounding products: bicycle stand, bollards, shelters, metal components and etc.

   Good news for our business:
   Hereby we propose certain discount for all series of our products based on previous price as US Dollar is getting stronger against Chinese RMB.
See~~  We  always stand in our customer's shoes and seek long-term cooperation :-)

   Also bad news,but not so bad as of now:
Raw materials price keep going up. So let's say its a good time to prepare your order now.
   Meanwhile,we will keep you posted on any market trend.

   Warmly welcome you visiting our website and contact us in anytime.