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Don’t Get Cluttered – Get a over bonnet Box

  • Author:Andy Gu
  • Release on:2018-05-07
   Above bonnet storage lockers are ideal for those living in apartments or houses where extra storage space is needed. They utilise previously unused space and can safely and securely store a range of items to help you free up your living space. They are ideal for bicycles, golf clubs, surf boards, toys, tools, appliances and anything else you would like to have close at hand.

   They are a great alternative to renting self storage lockers as your belongings are readily available and there is no rent involved. Keep it Garage Storage lockers are a great investment and add value to your home or business. The lockers are also relocatable.
The lockers are constructed of heavy duty steel and have a galvanized finish for fire safety and allow easy access with an auto up lift swing door.
Below are some photos of installation.