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Look! Bikes on the Wall

  • Author:Iris Han
  • Release on:2018-05-09
Riding a bicycle is definitely a healthy exercise. It can not only improve physical fitness, but also solve the problem of the last kilometer on the road to work.
The bicycle is good, but the problem also follows. Where to put it?
The space in the family is already very tight, and the traditional bicycle parking lot has long been nowhere to trace.
What, you say your house has a garage? --That's the home for car.
Fortunately, this problem has not bothered us for too long.
Now, a few small racks can perfectly solve the problem of parking. You can easily hang your bike on the wall, effectively saving the floor space, and simply use it.

Type 1: Random Placement
High life, comprehensive, PPT raw materials, convenient parking, not limited by site space.

Style 2:  Elastic Clamping

Installation method: Smooth wall surface can be directly used with adhesive; if the wall is uneven, only use the screws or install a smooth decorative plate first.
Usage:In order to ensure the service life and safety of the clips, it is not recommended to put the bicycle upright. Try to use the parking method for the rear wheels.

Similar Type: This frame does not hurt the tires and rims, ease of use, to save space

Style 3: Wall Bike Hook
Decorated with green plants and books could enhance the sense of art

Type 4 :Wall Triangle Bike Rack

Features: Stability and safety, with dislocation installation for more space saving.