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Factory bike rack photography show

  • Author:Ronnie Huang
  • Release on:2020-09-03

A beautiful sunny day, we are going to factory for product photography. Professional photographer to take the product video, and I also take some pictures share to you.

Here are our new sample room and different kinds of bicycle parking racks. Are there look beautiful? And then let me introduce two types of these bike racks.

1. 2-Tier bike rack and shelter

How to loading your bicycle?

a. Pull the retractable rack towards you until it is fully extended, and push it downwards.

b. Place the front wheel of the bicycle on the rack and guide the entire bicycle into it.

c. Lift the rack, and push it back to its original position.

d. Unhook the locking bar or lock your bicycle with the lock.

Last park into the lower level bike.

1. 4-bike pick up truck rack

Designed for use with up to four bikes of varying rim/wheel size

Fits both full size and compact size truck beds, securing fully assembled bikes

with rim sizes ranging up to 28".

Secures along the inner walls of your truck bed utilizing adjustable rubberized

lateral stabilizers that simply twist into place with wing nut type screws.

Assembles quickly and easy, with no tools required.Extends from 54.5" to 67" without a spacer; extends from 60 5/8" to 73 1/4 " with a full-size spacer. It won't scratch truck paint - soft padding included to protect bike finish.

  Any kind of bicycle racks or ODM/OEM are welcomed inquiry. Thanks for your visiting.