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China Bike Parking Solution Manufacturer

  • Author:Ronnie Huang
  • Release on:2020-09-14

Bicycle parking racks it is convenient for citizens to park bicycles and electric vehicles in an orderly manner, prevent theft and loss, beautify the city aspect and improve the quality of the city. They were well received by the public.

Bike carrier specifications

Normal bicycle size: 1200 * 520 * 330mm

Card slot spacing: 80 mm

Normal size of parked electric vehicles: 1200 * 440 * 350mm

Card slot spacing: 120-150mm


1. Using SUS304 stainless steel material, it won't rust for long-term outdoor use. This card parking stand is different from the original conventional style design.

2. Adopting one-to-one parking design, the card slot can be customized top or bottom or can be customized with different spacing. The front elbow opening is convenient for propulsion and positioning of the wheels and parking is convenient, easier and more stable.

3. The base is made of sturdy flat iron. The advanced argon arc welding technology makes the base and slot fully combined.


Bicycle parking racks are widely used in non-automotive parking lots on both sides of municipal roads, communities with non-automotive parking lots, factories or units with non-automotive parking areas, shopping malls and public facilities with shelters or non-motor vehicle parking spots. , etc.

Installation notes

It just needs to be drilled into the hard ground with a hammer drill and then fixed with an expansion screw for use. The combination of units can be installed freely according to the site.

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