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Good quality price is excellent bicycle racks

In society has become intelligent, once the original car has gradually been automatically replaced by the intelligent automatic driving car, not to mention the traditional parking parking rack.As early as several years ago, there will be a smart stop bike system in our country, because of the huge investment, operation cost, high benefit people is limited, so the intelligent bicycle system also exists only in some cities.Now the government put forward the development of "intelligent city" intelligent diversified high-tech products one after another, how to break through traditional bicycle frame?

Traditional bicycle frame, is a kind of park bicycles, electric car or motorcycle metal shelves, and in public places, crowded, supermarkets, such as subway mouth photograph has a bicycle rack installation.Its low cost design diversity, not only have a bike racks for bike bike racks, and can be parked bicycle and electric motorcycle spiral racks, can install free combination, humanized design, cheap and practical, can you say it to break?