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Screens type bike racks, play safe transportation

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Along with the development of economy, living standard is increasing day by day, had never occurred problems are now gradually spread, especially in the recent spotlight is alum road congestion and parking is difficult, and a series of traffic problems but also special attention from leaders.The gap between rich and poor in China since the ancient times is more obvious, so despite the car already popular, but due to the price cheap and environmental protection of portable bike racks for buyers have no special requirements, can for the mass, so it is more common.

Increase as the vehicle, and land resources are limited, this led to the "parking".Car, quarreled because mistook car phenomenon occurs frequently, like this can go in but couldn't get the parking phenomenon owners should be more familiar with.

Screens type road bike racks, it can reasonable arrangement of bicycle parking my bike neatly, fundamentally solve the problem of parking difficulty, the disputes and quarrel, less play safe harmonious traffic.