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Having New Year Eve Dinner

  • Author:Rita
  • Release on:2016-01-18
last week, Suzhou Pioneer Vehicle Company Invite all employees have a big New Year's Eve dinner d, this is a good tradition of our company, everyone is enjoying this time.

First of all, excellent staff our boss Peter the Prize, the engineer Mr. Wang to get 5000 RMB reward, because he designed a lot of new products, such as bicycle rack, so he made a great contribution to our company, at the same time He also worked for our factory for many years. He deserves this award, he is a good role model for us to learn.

Then we have a raffle, first prize is 500RMB, only one person. The second prize is200 RMB, two people get this award. Prize is 100 RMB, 13 people get this bonus. Our boss has only one purpose, to allow more people to get this award, so that all employees have a good time.

Finally, we sing together, express good wishes for my company in 2016, our factory is getting better, we will be China's best bicycle rack  supplier.

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