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What is the matter between cycling and breathing?

  • Author:Ethan
  • Release on:2016-01-19
I do not know whether you think the riders in recent years, a variety of weather anomalies often? Such as Guangzhou, this great winter, a few days ago turned back to the south! Weather impermanence and global climate change are closely related, and carbon emissions is internationally very seriously is an important indicator, big influence of its global climate has been effectively relate to our everyday life, and even affect the part people's homes, the best known is the impact of global warming. As a representative of one of the typical low-carbon green travel riding in the battle against global climate crisis, but also play a big role?
In December 2015 inClimate Change Conference held in Paris (Paris Climate Change ConferenceDuring) held transportation researchers • Fulton Lewis (Lewis Fulton, University of California at Davis Institute of Transportation Studies) toldWe ride is how to slow global warming plays a role.

Professor Lewis • Fulton and his city commuter car

Climate Change Conference in Paris recently launched, most of the world's major economies on a landmark agreement to reach a consensus, 195 countries / regions commitment to reduce emissions, and work with each other to fight against global warming - the first attempt to make international Social work together (climate crisis). US commitments to reduce carbon emissions by almost 30 percent in the next decade - it is a very ambitious goal, but many people believe can be completed. During the General Assembly, the University of California, Davis transportation researchers, STEPS (Sustainable Transportation Energy Pathways) project leader Louis • Fulton delivered a speech, and with a number of countries as well as representatives from the UN talks. His point of view and that is: a bicycle can help us save the world!

"We need to let politicians responsible"Professor Fulton said he believed perhaps we can increase the global temperature controlled within 2 ℃."But we also need to make some changes in their daily lives, while riding in which to play a very important role."

Officials gathered in Paris on behalf of the Government, but in order to effectively fight against climate change, every city, every citizen must be more into this in a fight among. So that more people ride a bike instead of driving a car, will be one of the most significant results in, Fulton said. According to the latest research in the last Fulton published in November in the United States and Canada, cycling accounts for only 1 percent of urban transport. If this proportion raised to 20-30%, the researchers believe that carbon emissions to 2050 when the city traffic generated can be reduced by nearly 11 percent, and cost savings in all areas will exceed$ 24 trillion.

So that more people cycling to work means that cities must invest in cycling infrastructure, such as special parking bicyclesBicycle parking, Bike paths, greenways, as well as changes to the car as the main mode of transport in the public attitude to cycling commuting. Fulton noted that the Colombian capital Bogota's success, since it maintains one day a week to several main roads in a few hours when traffic congestion measures ban row, bike use in city traffic has been significantly improved. He also said that (the aid) is electrically assisted bicycle is a fast and efficient way to allow more people to join the ranks of cycling commuter approach.

Although countries around the world is able to do what they promised in the Paris meeting and whether it will comply with the Lutheran Church meeting is still to be investigated, but those who support the joint efforts of domestic and international (Climate crisis) In various places and cities, Fulton for their advance this level is hopeful.

"At the national level, politicians are more inclined to consider the overall situation, particularly to road construction projects," Fulton said, "In contrast, the construction of cycling infrastructure is so insignificant, basically icing on the cake thing. The cities and mayors who are more inclined to do these things because they know that the more people ride the equivalent of the local livable and sustainable development have been improved and strengthened. "

Fulton and his companions proposal (the government) to the current and future transportation budget 10% for the development of cycling infrastructure.