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How Bike rack can be used in different application?

  • Author:Murphy Qin
  • Release on:2021-03-31
Thus cycling offers an economically and environmentally sound option that helps people to fulfill health and fitness goals,more and more people cycle going out by cycling, bicycle parking and storage is the problem most of them corcerned about.So ,how and where to install the bike rack will be a worth planning issue.Where should we install the bike racks?

Bike rack used in different application

1,Indoor Bicycle Parking

Space saving bike racks are often used for private bike parking or display in stores.they also can be used in stores to display the bikes for customers.


2,Compus and school parking

With the concern of students' physical fitness, the number of students who ride their own bikes to school will gradually increase, it is necessary for schools to install bicycle parking facilities, safe cycling infrastructure help support active transport to school.


3,Commercial Bike Parking Stations

One vehicular parking space equals around eight parked bicycles – seven satisfied costumers more. It is much cheaper to build parking space for bicycles than cars.


4,Urban areas bicycle parking

Installs bike racks in the public right-of-way to make daily bicycle use convenient.Use the better quality public bicycle racks replace the numerous “unofficial“ alternatives; gates, railings, trees and whatever just happens to be there to lock bikes securely.

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