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How many types of bike rack can be used in commercial space?

Commercial property includes office buildings, medical centers, hotels, malls, retail stores, multifamily housing buildings, farm land, warehouses, and garages.Commercial space is a place with large flow of people,it is really important to keep the commercial space in orderly.Installs bike racks in the public right-of-way to make daily bicycle use convenient.

Commercial bike racks feature simple 2-point installation. Select from surface mounting or embed options to store up to 2–7 bikes at a time. Standard powder coatings and stainless steel finishes satisfy a range of building and landscape designs. Install bike racks at outdoor public spaces, commercial retail stores or indoor parking garages. Standard powder coatings and stainless steel finishes satisfy a range of building and landscape designs. Bike racks are ideal for outdoor public spaces, retail storefronts, parking garages, and other concrete areas.

Bike Rack Materials
Chinabikerack’s bicycle racks are made from standard or stainless steel industrial tubes. Standard steel is powder coated in 1 of 6 colors to ensure protection from corrosion and wear. Black bike racks are unobtrusive and contemporary, while brighter colors are fun, highlight the location’s sustainability initiatives, and can even match branding colors.For stainless steel models, chinabikerack uses high-quality 316 grade stainless steel, which offers natural rust protection, even in tough environments.

Installation Options
Bolt-down surface mounting and embedded installation options available. Bolt-down surface mountings can be installed in existing concrete and relocated when needed.Embedded mountings are installed inground for the most permanent and secure facilities. Single-point bike bollards and posts are also available with removable mounting options.

Bike Rack Styles
Different bike rack styles are available with varying capacities. All bike racks combine appealing design with security and functionality.
Ring bike rack: A round, ring-shape design that uses space effectively without compromising accessibility. Can be installed on its own or in series for a custom, high-capacity bike corral.

Inverted U-rack: A classic, narrow design that complements sidewalks and pedestrian areas. Provides two-point contact with bike frames for added stability.

Wave bike rack: High-capacity bike rack with premium aesthetics. Available in two sizes and can secure 5 to 7 bikes at a time.

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