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How Many Types of Parking Racks Do Pioneer Vehicle have?

  • Author:Murphy Qin
  • Release on:2021-02-01
A bike rack is one of the easiest and most economical ways to create a short-term parking solution. Outdoor bike racks are common in public or commercial areas, while indoor bike racks are often used for private bike parking.

An effective bike rack meets the following requirements:

The bike frame, and at least one wheel, is secured with a U-lock.
The bike is supported upright by its frame in two places.
The bike wheel does not tip over.
The bike rack allows for front-in and back-in parking.
The bike rack does not impede pedestrian traffic and is protected from motor traffic.
The bike rack is easily accessible from the street.
A range of bike shapes and sizes can be accommodated.

Types of bike racks

Bike racks come in an array of styles to meet the demands of the cycling community. A few general styles of commercial bike racks exist:


A U-rack is in an inverted U-shape with two points of ground contact. It is a reliable bike rack and commonly used in urban areas as it can be placed along sidewalks with minimal space. It allows both the front and back wheels of the bike to be secured.


A wave bicycle rack comes in an undulating, wave configuration. It offers both an interesting design, as well as functionality, with the ability to secure more bicycles than a U-rack: up to 7.


A grid bicycle rack is comprised of vertical bars connecting upper and lower metal bars. This allows for bicycles to be parked on both sides of the rack. However, it does not allow for both the wheel and frame of the bicycle to be secured and can lead to increased theft.


A spiral bike rack is in spiral formation. Although it has aesthetic appeal, it has functional downsides when it comes to accessibility—the wheel must be lifted in order to park the bike.


Bollard bike racks are essentially bollards (short posts) with one or two locking arms that can be used to secure bikes. An advantage to this style is that it can be made removable for a temporary bike rack option.


Double-decker bicycle racks are two-tier bicycle racks that can used to increase bicycle storage capacity. However, extra force may be required by the cyclist to maneuver their bicycles onto the higher tier.

When it comes to material considerations for a bike rack, there are two areas to highlight: the material of the bike rack itself, and the material of the installation surface.

Bike racks can be constructed from various materials as long as the material covers a few important principles: it is durable, water-resistant, and functional.

Popular construction materials for bike racks:

Stainless steel
Recycled plastic

Construction of bike racks can be completed with a finishing material. This enhances the overall appearance of the bike rack and helps it to endure harsh weather conditions. Examples of finishes include galvanized coating, paint,powder-coating, or IronArmor FrameSafe.

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