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Product quality is the cornerstone of enterprise development

  • Author:Murphy Qin
  • Release on:2021-01-27
Suzhou Pioneer Vehicle always regards product quality as the top priority.

We hope that every customer who cooperates will become our long-term partner.
Pioneer was established more than ten years ago. Through continuous optimization of the industrial structure and improvement of product sales channels, it has transformed from domestic sales of products at the beginning of its establishment to direct or indirect exports of more than 80% of its products. The export targets include Japan Europe and the United States and other places. The company is mainly engaged in the processing and production of metal stamping parts, welding parts, and pipe materials. The current customer base includes TOTO of Japan, Panasonic of Japan, Mitsubishi of Japan, INAX of Japan, S&C, Borg, Vanke Group, Wanda Group and so on. It has always maintained an ultra-high concept for product production, so Suzhou Xianfeng Vehicle Co., Ltd. deeply understands that product quality is the key to the lifeline and development of the company.

Starting from the second half of 2006, the company adjusted its development strategy again, and gradually developed from pure component processing to product processing. At present, the main products that have been mass-produced are logistics trolleys (mainly for export), bicycle racks, etc.

In line with the timely acceptance of feedback and suggestions from new and old customers, we focus on technology development, product quality and service details. In the current competitive environment of the industry, it has always occupied an advantage. Of course, this is also inseparable from the support and trust of new and old customers. Product quality is heavier than Mount Tai, which is the fundamental survival of every enterprise. A one-stop experience of products and services!

The company’s leaders also attach great importance to product quality, and organize technical staff to hold quality meetings every month. Every technical staff will carefully record, and will actively raise problems when encountering problems and find solutions. The work of the quality department is reviewed and supervised daily. From research and development to production to quality inspection, the problems that can arise are handled in each link.

Suzhou Xianfeng Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd. always regards product quality as one. We hope that every customer who cooperates will become our long-term partner.