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How to choose the right bicycle rack?

  • Author:Murphy Qin
  • Release on:2021-05-28
There are many types of bicycle parking racks, which can be divided into indoor parking racks and outdoor parking racks according to usage scenarios; long-term parking racks and short-term parking racks can be classified according to the using cycle; commercial parking racks and public parking racks can be divided according to usage .And private parking racks; according to the function, it can be classified into single-use parking racks and multi-purpose parking racks. The parking racks provided by Suzhou Pioneer Vehicle Co., Ltd. cover all the above categories. The following is a specific introduction to the parking rack styles of different categories:

1. According to the usage scenario

Indoor bike rack: Mainly used by individuals or bicycle retail stores. Based on the principle of saving space, it is generally foldable or hung on the wall or ceiling to realize personal bicycle storage. It saves indoor space and is beautiful and easy to operate.

There are more types of outdoor bike parking racks, mainly U-shaped parking racks, heavy-duty parking racks, double-deck parking racks, spiral parking racks and so on. Mainly installed in streets, public places and other places.

2. According to the period of using

Short-term parking racks are mainly used for temporary parking by cyclists, generally belonging to public facilities or store entrances. Long-term parking racks are mainly used for long-term storage of bicycles, such as indoor trailer racks for personal use or lock boxes for outdoor use. The advantage of a long-term parking rack is that it can protect the bicycle so that it is not easy to be stolen, and it can also avoid damage due to wind and sun.

3. According to using purpose

Commercial bike racks are generally bicycle racks specially installed in some shopping malls, shops, swimming pools, stadiums and other places to facilitate their customers to park their bicycles. It is usually installed at the entrance of a store or a club, so that customers can park when they come to participate in the event, and leave by bike when the event ends. Public parking racks are generally used for traffic control. They are generally installed at street entrances, subway entrances, railway stations and other places. These places are densely populated and highly mobile. If there is a lack of regular bicycle parking facilities, they will be chaotic. The final use is for individual users. Private parking racks are mainly indoor parking racks, which are convenient for individuals to store bicycles.

4. Press function

According to the use function of bicycles, it is divided into single bike racks, which are mainly used to park bicycles. This kind of rack is relatively single and independent. Generally, it can only park 1-2 bicycles, such as U-shaped parking racks and column-shaped parking racks. And the indoor suspension frame; the other is a multifunctional parking stand, which can store multiple bicycles at the same time, such as double layer parking racks, spiral parking racks, and slot-type parking racks. The characteristic of this type of bicycle rack is that it is convenient to park, looks neat and beautiful, and is suitable for installation outdoors or in a special underground parking lot.

Bicycle parking racks have many functions and styles. According to different needs, Suzhou Pioneer Bicycle Industry can provide different parking rack combinations and installation solutions. Looking forward to more innovative ideas, welcome to visit www.chinabikerack.com!