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How to install bike parking rack?

  • Author:Murphy Qin
  • Release on:2021-05-20
There are many kinds of bicycle parking rack, according to the use of the place can be divided into indoor parking rack and outdoor parking rack.Indoor parking rack is generally used for personal, bicycle snack shop display, or home space is relatively small for personal use, the following introduces some indoor commonly used parking rack installation steps:

1,ceiling bike lift

Ceiling racks are widely used for hanging household items besides bicycles, such as surfboards, ladders and so on.

This Bike Storage installation is also relatively simple. First, you need to check the accessories: a pulley with lock, a pilley,a tie off bar,a hoist rope,2 pulley hooks,10 mounting screws. For best results mount the lift assenblies so the hooks are directly above the sat and handlebar.If you wish,you can mount the entire ssenbly to a board then mount the board to ceiling joists. All users need to do is to follow the installation instructions step by step:

>Measure the distance between the handlebars and the back of the seat.This is where the hookks will attach to the bike.These measurements will be transferred to the ceiling or a board.

>Locate a ceiling joist.if your ceiling Is covered with drywall,look for nail props,irregularlities,and fixtures.These are clues to locating joists.Use a small nail or screwdriver to run a pilot hole into the ceiling to ensyure that you’re located a joist.

>Tie a double knot on rope end,feed rest of rope through square hole on lift assemble.Continue thereading the rope though the lift assembly pulley and hook assemble pulleys as shown.

2,Wall mounted bike rack

Wall-mounted parking racks usually require drilling in the wall first, so first you need a drill, which you can borrow from your neighbor.The Specific installation steps are as follows:

>Mark each mounting holes on the wall.

>Drill the wall with 8MM expansion screw.

>Push the wall anchor inside the hole

>Tighten the screw to secure the mount

>The mount is ready ! Install on solid wall only!

3,Foldable bike rack

A simple one-pull-knob will allow to fold the stand into a flat shape, Saving storage when not in use or to carry it into the car. Your bikes will never be lying on the ground or leaning against buildings or trees anymore. Effortless push in the rack, This patented great design will be perfect hold your bicycle steady. Seconds Set-up and fold for compact storage to save space, no need tools to install

This type bike rack fit most bikes, universal design let this bike rack suits for various kinds of bikes. It is suitable for 650C -700C Road Bikes, 26"-29" Mountain Bikes and 20"-24" Kids Bikes. Excludes bikes with tires more than 2.56 inches. Strong enough for all types of bicycles, such as Mountain bikes, Road bikes, Folding bikes etc.

There are also many kinds of outdoor bicycle parking racks, mainly high and low parking racks, U-shaped parking racks and wave parking racks. Some are relatively simple installation, directly fixed on the ground, and some are embedded bicycle racks that need to be drilled on the ground in advance.

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