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How to ensure the wide use of the bicycle?

  • Author:Murphy Qin
  • Release on:2021-04-08
Benefits of cycling.

1,Bicycle is one of the best tools to overcome heart function problems.

2,Cycling can also prevent high blood pressure and is sometimes more effective than medication. It can also prevent weight gain, hardening of blood vessels, and strengthen bones. Bicycles save you from having to use drugs to maintain your health, and it is harmless.

3,Bicycles are also a tool for weight loss and so on.

Due to the various benefits of cycling, bicycle culture is more and more admired by people, and the lifestyle represented by urban bicycles has become the first choice for people to travel, relax and socialize.

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Providing a friendly cycling environments.

There are studies that show that the lack of secure bike parking is one of the main reasons residents cite for not commuting by bike or doing so infrequently.

In the space to park one car, seven to 10 bikes can be secured, amounts of car space should be used to establish more bicycle parking,thus can enhance the city's cycling infrastructure,and policy should be changed to ensure the police track bike theft and allow developers to construct bike parking instead of car parking if that better suits a community's need.

More bike parking can enable more people to ride bicycles, reduce dependence on cars, support local business, and help provide critical transportation options to our most vulnerable. Such benefits are especially important, as our city struggles with the COVID-19 pandemic, an economic crisis, and the looming threat of climate change.

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