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How to teach a child to ride bike effectively?

  • Author:Murphy Qin
  • Release on:2021-04-23
We often see some parents sweating to chase the beginner of the bicycle child, and hold the bike for kids, but also shouted to give orders, which lead they were tired half to death, but the child nervous calf stomach cramps, pale face, may not be grateful!

In fact, teach children to learn to ride a bicycle does not have to be so strenuous, we only need: a small wrench, first find a piece of ground, and then find a slope, adults do not have to walk a step, the child from zero, within 3 hours must be able to ride a car all over the world, and the possibility of wrestling in the process of learning to ride a bicycle is very small.This is not only for kids, but also for adults learning to ride a bike!

The specific methods are as follows:

1,The most difficult part for beginners to ride a bicycle is keeping your balance.So children learn to "ride on, do not fall", even if the success is half.Use a wrench (as flat as possible) to remove both pedals (note the direction of the threads: the threads on the two pedals are in opposite directions).

If there are training wheels on both sides of the back of the bike, they should be removed altogether. Bicycles with only two wheels must be used.Lower the seat so that the child's feet can fall naturally.Use a rubber band or string at the top of your pant legs to keep them from getting caught by an empty bar with the pedal removed.Then choose a piece of ground, let the child sit on the seat, each time start feet synchronized hard on the ground pedal a few times, the car walked up immediately lifted legs, as far as possible to extend the sliding time, as far as possible go straight line, understand the balance of skills.Because the seat is low and there's no pedal to stop the bike from sliding, it doesn't go very fast, so even if the bike is about to fall, the child can usually easily slide on his feet or land on his feet and stop without an adult helping.

2. Once the child learned how to glide without landing on their feet for a long time, they can basically walk in a straight line, they can be encouraged to learn to turn, turn and curve glide, learn to grasp the direction, and learn to brake at any time according to the commands of adults.New cyclists are often panicked, or forget to use the brakes, or try to avoid each other and run straight into them!To be on the safe side, braking, taking curves to avoid, in fact, as important as cycling.

3. Children on the ground balance, grasp the direction and brake are more skilled, you can practice downhill gliding, to greatly increase the gliding distance.Find a gentle slope and slide your child uphill. Start from a high place and slide down. Start from a short distance and gradually increase the height you start on the slope and the distance you go downhill.After doing this many times, it taught him the safety of using only the back brake when going downhill, rather than the front brake to slow down and stop.By this time the child is confident and interested, and it is only necessary for an adult to keep an eye out for traffic, be responsible for safety, and give a little guidance.

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4. When the child be able to slide dozens of meters away, grasp the direction more freely, know to avoid obstacles, and stop at any time according to the adult's sudden command, the child will basically pass the barrier.Reattach the two pedals (but keep the seat cushions low for safety) and tell your child to raise one pedal and start by pushing hard on the high one while pushing hard with the other foot.After a few of these steps, the child is ready to ride the bike!

5. After the child can ride normally and practice for a while, teach him to let go of one hand slowly, to use hand gestures before and when turning, and to look back quickly at the vehicle behind him at the moment before turning, and not to deviate when looking back.Motorists know that there is nothing more terrifying than a kid on a bike taking a sudden turn or going sideways on the street without warning!Also, tell your child never to go in the opposite direction at the moment before turning: Many people, both on bikes and in cars, have a dangerous habit of sticking to the right the moment before turning left and to the left the moment before turning right.

Well, as soon as these problems are solved, we are done!Use this method to teach children to ride a bike, safe, relaxed, simple, comprehensive, adults do not have to run a step, and generally about two hours on the great success, not more than 3 hours!In addition, the most important thing is to teach children to park their bicycles or scooters in an orderly way. Whether they are indoors or outdoors, they should park their bikes in the bicycle rack so as to avoid damaging the bikes.

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