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Installation for the bike racks to do nothing

According to the statistics over the years, the traffic problem of parking difficulty in our country has become more and more serious, bike racks can only solve a problem, problem of traffic congestion is becoming more and more extensive.Today says "parking" and we usually understand "parking".

bike racks

We know "parking" it caused by the car.Today said "parking" is caused by the bicycle.Its scope has gradually by large and medium-sized cities to small and medium-sized cities, and into the villages and towns spread trend.The main problem in bicycle parking is not installed for type bike racks with spiral bicycle racks, that lead to throw, throw a lot of bicycle owners can't take a car and a series of traffic problems.

In the face of such social phenomenon, I wonder why not install the bicycle racks, screens the bike racks affordable and durable, can not only brought convenient when we stopped to take bike, and it also comes with the base, can lock the car, reduce the probability of car, and it can be a very good planning of bicycle parking, let a person look brand-new, neat and uniform, entirely's interest for us, why don't install?