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7th July Lugou Bridge Incident

  • Author:Cindy Wang
  • Source:Pioneer
  • Release on:2015-07-07

Today is the anniversary of 1937.7.7 Lugou Bridge Incident, also destined to become the nation's humiliation day forever. 78 years ago, on July 7, the Lugou Bridge gunshot marks the beginning of China's Anti-Japanese War, it is a new starting point for the national spirit. Earlier, the Chinese people have gone through years of strife, but the eagle as the wolf care of Japanese imperialism, the plot is big or small forward, zero knife flesh, wave propulsion, using internal strife expanding Chinese interests in China, all this, along with 7.7 Incident outbreak ushered turning point. With the Chinese Communist Party to promote national unity and resistance of the whole situation was realized, four hundred million compatriots unite and jointly resisting foreign aggression, fighting broke out amazing. Lugou Bridge Incident, the Chinese people have suffered a lot, but also to the Chinese people know the brothers as one, standing together. 78 years ago, the sword cut off his head to devils, 78 years later, the sword might have been green rust, but the spirit of national unity is still bright as yesterday.