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Ride A Bike to Lotus Pond moonlight Wetland Park

  • Author:Cindy Wang
  • Source:Pioneer
  • Release on:2015-07-06

The first weekend in July, I was riding a bike to the Lotus Pond moonlight  Wetland Park located north of Suzhou. It's a quite long way, but it is well worth to visit.

Lotus Pond Wetland Park is located in south of Suzhou City Huangqiao Sunway area by more than 300 settlement ponds and 200 acres of wasteland abandoned channel converted, and become a wetland conservation, eco-tourism, leisure and science education as one of the modern leisure tourism. The total planned area of ​​nearly six acres, with a total investment of three billion in Wherein the park area five thousand three hundred acres, an area of ​​seven acres of facilities. The whole building is divided into two, a construction area has two acres, has invested seventy million, planted lotus, water lilies and other one hundred fifty-five kinds of lotus varieties.

Here are reminiscent of Zhu Ziqing "Lotus Pond." Twists and turns of the pond above, Mi Wang is Tada leaves. Leaves the water is high, the dancers dress like Kingston. Intermediate layers of leaves are dotted with white flowers, some demure bloom, there are shy bud; and as a scattering pearls, or twinkling stars, and if just out of the bath beauty. The breeze carried past gusts of fragrance, like faint singing a distant building like. And leaves and blossoms trembled slightly, like lightning, the scent of the other side. The leaves are densely side by side next to, which would have a creamy hearted ripples. Under the leaves, the softly flowing water, cover, and can not see some colors; and the leaves looked more enchanting than ever.