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Pioneer bicycle racks, changing parking environment

Bicycle racks- Change the past bicycles, motorcycles, electric cars parked in random phenomenon

Kind of bicycles based metal shelf, domestic common areSlot bicycle racks,The level of bicycle parking racks,Double bicycle racksAnd so on; mainly used for bicycles or electric cars Simple

Public places have special bicycle parking racks, travel time for public parking. Public bike has been seen as an important way for the development of low-carbon transport abroad. But also the future direction of development of the city, environmental protection, convenient travel, to ease traffic pressure, etc. can play a positive role. For parking bicycles and standardized management, can make use of bicycle racks to management. Use of bike racks to effectively solve the problem of bicycle parking order, but is also a contribution to the construction of city beautification, to create environmental protection to contribute to society.

Pioneer dip galvanized type of bike racks imported Q215 carbon steel material, citing the advanced welding technology, after hot-dip galvanizing spray after, after multi-channel special process is made, every process is strictly in accordance with high standards the production process for production, so parking racks lasting durable, high-grade appearance of the atmosphere, do not pollute the environment, can effectively improve the overall environmental quality of the use of premises, municipal image building, upscale community, hotels, shopping malls, high-grade infrastructure supporting the best selection of products!

Bike racks spiral design will be parked bicycles reflected more space saving, making bicycle parking and orderly, so that the public car park more secure and convenient. Easy bicycle parked on the humane management, parking, and loss prevention role to play in a certain extent. 

【Product Features】

1, for 20 years does not rust - the use of Q215 carbon steel, hot-dip galvanizing spray can be applied to any harsh environment, to ensure the long-term use does not rust stripping.

2, durable - except hard material factors alone, spiral special production process, coupled with advanced welding technology, so that the base is formed integrally with the rack structure, able to withstand the impact caused by the vehicle when parked force bearing pressure;

3, convenient parking - spiral design makes bicycle or scooter can quickly push the front wheel into position on the threaded ring;

4, neat and orderly - Each card bit ring is designed to be parked on both sides of the vehicle, a ring card bit two cars can be parked, uniform size card bit spacing, so that the vehicle can be arranged neatly together to avoid misplacing the vehicle cross situation, regardless of parking or pick up the car, are quite convenient;

5, easy management - frame arrangement in accordance with the scientific program, the vehicles can be parked in order neatly and orderly, greatly increasing the efficiency of vehicle management, vehicle administrators to facilitate the implementation of more effective management of the vehicle;

6, anti-theft feature - when the vehicle is parked on the frame, the wheels can lock directly onto the spiral frame, can effectively prevent the vehicle from being stolen or lost, etc;

7, easy to transport - Pioneer original design structure allows the frame to be stacked together, reducing packaging volume and greatly reduce transportation costs;

8, to enhance the image - Material selection of carbon steel, hot-dip galvanizing spray process using a special spiral welding technology is advanced at home and abroad, the use of premises effectively enhance the overall landscape effect, fully embodies the humane management image! 


Widely used in municipal bicycle parking spot on both sides of the road with a cell non-motor vehicles parked library, a factory or unit of bicycle parking areas, with a shed or non-motor vehicles parking spots and shopping centers and other public places.

【Installation Notes】

Standard: equipped with seven mounting screw holes at both ends of the base have three holes, the middle section there is a hole, just in the hard ground with the impact of drilling mounting holes correspond to the respective position of the point by the expansion screw specifications make a good hole , with expansion screws to ease of use.

Anti-theft: Configuring the five mounting screw holes at both ends of the base have two holes, the middle section there is a hole, using a special key to open the base cover security, according to the base of the box with the impact of drilling perforations in the hard ground correspond to each mounting hole location of the point chosen by the expansion screw specifications make a good hole, with expansion screws fixed, you can rest assured that after use the base cover locked.