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Please do not throw your bike in Singapore, and offenders fined 1,000 Singapore dollars

SBS Transit made a big move! Export Punggol subway station nearest shopping center WaterwayPoint appeared two signs, warning cyclists to bike can not block the exit, or a fine of 1000 Singapore dollars.

Punggol new town has been a mecca for cyclists Singapore - Coney Island, Punggol Waterway parks and other public places, no matter how you ride. Bicycle has become a means of transport for many local residents. However, Punggol MRT station, although it does have Pasir Ris, Aljunied, Choa Chu Kang MRT Station, etc.Double bicycle racks, But it seems in short supply, some residents complained to the parking Like sometimes find a parking space.


Thus, the Punggol MRT station could be seen at any time around a lamppost or tied lying on the road bike.

It reported that there are residents that bicycle for two or three hundred a fine of 1,000 Singapore dollars, is not it a little overkill?

Small series can be more concerned about is that there is no legal? So small series responsibly checked parked around the means of transport laws related Charles subway station, get the following conclusions: SBS is not a statutory penalty, the penalty is they want to punish. But that is the SBS site. . . So unhappy, then you can not pay it? The amount, this can not say. Or you abandoned the vehicle and escape it?

Because the first section 50A of Rapid Transit Systems Regulations will be written, not parked in designated areas or suspected of being abandoned subway station around bicycles, tricycles, etc. will be removed confiscated for at least three days after the announcement. Otherwise the owner will have to contact the authorities to retrieve the bicycle. So bike stop chaos if the consequences still have ego. Then remove the unauthorized confiscation or damage even if the bicycle described a fine of 1,000 yuan, Singapore is really a fine country T.T. 


Or such a dialogue will appear the following:

SBS: Will Sir, this is your bike?

You: No, it's not my bike.

SBS: We have evidence that this is your bike.

You: this is my bike, I do not, and still does not work? ! ! ! To anyone who loves to close!

SBS: littering, a fine of 1,000 Singapore dollars!

In fact, a lot of good conscience will now have several rows subway stationBicycle racks, The room still have vacancies, or not at any time with the moment can give you a ticket Singapore haste it.