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Pioneer car industry: how to remove and replace the bicycle chain?

Chain wear need to be replaced. Next, identify the chain and its connection method: 1/8 inch single-speed bicycle chains typically use horseshoe spring piece connecting links; SHIMANO chain typically use special chain pin connection, can be separated at any one; SRAM chains (as well as other brand) has a special magic button, a different color from the rest, easy to find. Some chains do not have a special connection, it can also be separated from any one.

When you replace or disassembly no special need to cut the chain link of the chain, Shimano chain need to use special tools to disassemble. It should be noted that some manufacturers do not recommend the use of removable magic button, which seems to apply only to 10-speed chain. You can check with the manufacturer to confirm whether their links can be reused.

Sometimes you'll come across the situation appears dead chain section. This is usually due to improper maintenance or damage caused by a chain of. When the dead section through the guide wheel will feel when jumping teeth. Supporting the car in the parking stand or upside down, find dead festival guide wheel.

Hand bend die section can often solve the problem. In addition, you can cut the chain with a small amount of pressure exerted on a little dead knots.