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Why-loved street bicycle racks

"On some of the main downtown streets placementNon-motorized racks, Not being moved bit is not used, it has become a decoration. "Wang did not understand the public on this phenomenon.

For Mr. Wang reflects, reporter for the urban part of the lotNon-motorized racksUsage visited. 28 am 10 am, reporters near Bayi Park north gate, that this should be something along the street in the direction of non-motor vehicle parking place holder, has now become the north-south direction is placed next to the body frame has parked two bicycles.

Wang told reporters that he every day from here after only a few people will be parked in the designated bicycle frame, many people ignore the racks, will be parked in other places, there are a lot of people do not know this thing is parking frame.

In the vicinity of the package one hundred district, some non-motor vehicles parked in the most planned parking place, non-motor vehicle parking rack was left out, there are few vehicles parked on the frame. Lee who is parked bicycle parking racks are known non-motorized set had also parked in the frame, but was stopped at the back of the car blocking the frame, so that he could not pick up the car, then he it will be parked outside the frame. During the interview, many people have expressed a similar view and Lee.

In addition, the reporter interviewed also found that some non-motor vehicle parking place rack due to the location of some of the shops close distance, frame shops too get in the way, the impact of customer parking, they put a frame slip off or removed, resulting in a number of frames exist in name only .

In this regard, a staff member of Baotou City traffic police detachment facilities brigade said that in some sections of the urban placeNon-motorized racksThe purpose is to regulate non-motor vehicles parking order to avoid the parked vehicle to get together. And in order to regulate parking order, traffic control departments will regularly non-motorized racks for inspection, maintenance, and will be adjusted according to the needs of parking racks. As required, aircraft parking area for private cars are not parked, you should leave space for bicycle parking. Provided good racks, stores and the public can not be allowed to dismantle, if the problem can be reflected to the administration. As for the use of racks, most people still do not form a good habit, not the racks efficiently utilized. In the future, the traffic control department to strengthen the guidance, but also advised the public not only to the correct parking, but also try to play a convenience efficacy racks will lock and the frame lock together, may also be empty when the car parked in front within the press parked order, not only can save a lot of space, but also play a security role.