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Pioneer car industry: three-dimensional bicycle racks you know?

Three-dimensionalBicycle racksBicycles and electric cars can be placed, a bicycle, electric car parking problem in many people's eyes may be just trivial thing. But the little things, the big people's livelihood, violation Luantingluanfang not only lead to road traffic disorder, affecting the efficiency of the passage of other vehicles and pedestrians, but also cause traffic congestion, impact on traffic safety, traffic accidents, damage the image of urban civilization.

Product Features

1, imported from Taiwan Q235 carbon steel materials, and using a variety of stampings, and in addition to oil, rust, phosphate, purification, but also for hot-dip galvanizing, spray two step process; delicate process, not 20 years rust.

2, a new process using spray without thinner, construction on the environment pollution-free, non-toxic to humans; excellent coating appearance quality, strong adhesion and mechanical strength.

3, in order to meet more customers choose and pick up the car owners parking more convenient, the company set up the transformation of fixed-body and buried in the original manner of conventional card-position racks above, after the transformation, you do not need to lock your car squat design more humane, more beautiful.

4, three-dimensional bicycle racks can also be installed underground screws installed; the owners of parked vehicles easier and faster, plug-in parking stuck without your effort to lift the front wheels set into the slot. Widely used in commercial streets, subway entrances, school, residential property, hospitals, parks, municipal agencies and other units.