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Bike theft prevention tips

  The CU Boulder Police Department offers several tips to help prevent bike theft.

  Secure your bike to bike rack that is in a well-lit area and use a U-lock style of bike lock. This style of lock will provide you with a better security option than a chain or cable lock. However, while U-locks have proven to be most effective, like all locks, they can be defeated. While supplies last, you can trade in your chain or cable lock for a U-lock at the UMC Bike Station.

  Make sure the lock goes around the bike rack, the front tire and the frame of the bike. This will better secure both the bike and the quick-release front time. Also, if you don’t ride your bike very often, check on it from time to time.

  Register your bike. This can be done at the CU Bike Station east of the University Memorial Center or online. Registering your bike discourages theft and aids in identification should your bike get stolen. In addition, any personalization on your bike (stickers, markings, etc.) should be documented and kept for better identification should your bike get stolen. Keep all of this information along with purchase receipts, manufacturer’s information and a photographs of the bike.

  If your bike is stolen on campus, report the crime immediately to the CU Boulder Police Department. Providing the police with descriptive information such as the serial number and your registration number—if you registered it with the university—increases the chance of recovery. You can fill out a report online.