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Pipe Bending of M Bike Rack

  • Author:Doris Xu
  • Release on:2018-02-09
Here we will show you the pipe bending process of our M style bike rack.

Before bending the pipe, there are several preparation steps:
1.Besides the bender, we need to make dies according to the pipe specs and bending radian based on the drawings.
2.There is a mandrel required as well to support the wall pipe, avoiding deformation during bending.
3. Check the pipe - If there is any flaw, remove too much rust.

Everything is ready, the pipe can be bent.

It doesn’t look like a full M bike rack? That’s correct. We are making M bike rack with 3 wave crest. Usually a pipe is cut in 6 meters, it’s not long enough for 3 wave crest, so we have to bend 2 pipes and weld them together. See! That’s it!

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