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This multi-storey parking rack

  • Author:Jerome Wang
  • Release on:2018-02-06
This guarded parking, which is characteristic of Japan, is largely idle in China-Suzhou Pioneer Vehicle Co.,Ltd.

Japan, a country with a small land area but a large population, has a much larger car population. In order to be able to park these vehicles on a limited land area, Japan has designed a double-decked Is a multi-storey car park, parking a car can park two or more cars, which also allows Japanese owners to solve the problem of parking difficulties, this parking space has also become a Japanese feature, and even a few years ago there Many fans envy this parking space.

For China, although the land area is large, but the population is also small, so the parking problem may not be worse than the Japanese owners, perhaps to alleviate this problem, in recent years the domestic community or shopping malls also appeared a lot of double Or multi-storey parking spaces (the picture shows a parking frame in Jinan), but the actual utilization is somewhat embarrassing. In most residential or shopping malls with such parking frames, you can see that most of them have only the first floor Use, while the second floor are basically idle.

And all this fault is derived from the Chinese car owners? I think it is not necessarily, this double parking space looks very convenient, covers an area is small, but for the owners may not be so easy to use, first stop, your wheel position must be more appropriate , Which compares the test of the owner's technology, just take the driver may be really a bit scared, followed by the car so high that a car owners should not be assured, perhaps these are the reasons for the competent, and the existence of such an objective parking frame The reason is actually not small, for example, most of the second floor of the car frame has a high limit of the maximum width limit, so even if some owners want to stop at the second floor, this limit also allows it to park.

If the three-dimensional parking frame is to save space, then I think double-decker parking frame does not actually save space, because each double decks next to the parking spaces need to set aside a parking space in order to facilitate the upper car Can be parked up, then the real space-saving may also be this multi-storey parking spaces, a shelf can park a dozen cars or even more, but this problem is also being gradually found parking gantry, this parking number is called The car only takes 2 minutes, but a dozen car shelves, how many do you need to take a car if you go to work in the morning? After all, there is only one rotation of the space, maybe you have to wait for twenty or thirty minutes is also uncertain. This multi-storey parking rack greater restrictions or strict size and weight restrictions, the basic car can not stop into it.