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Responds to increased numbers of cyclists with bicycle storage

  • Author:Murphy Qin
  • Release on:2021-01-05
A new way to store bicycles. the project responds to the increased number of cyclists in cities around the world - a movement that has only grown during the on going sepan demic. responding to the need to park and store more bikes in public and private spaces than ever before, the design team devised a simple solution that can be installed indoors: at home or as communal parking; as well as outdoors: in public spaces, parks, or in buildings.

photo from: double tier bike rack | chinabikerack

Each 'bici' frame consists of a drive-up rail with a specifically developed cut-out shape for the bicycle wheel to slide in. The conic ends of the opening ensure that all types of wheels can securely fit and are held tightly, from the very slim profile of a racing bicycle to the big tire of a cross-country bike. round holes at the frame’s sides allow the vehicle to be secured to the frame at various points.

Made from painted steel, the custom-designed frame comes in a variety of colors and can be easily installed. two versions with different inclinations are available to suit any spatial condition: bici high and bici low. arranged along a wall as a series of alternating frames, the combination of varied angles allows for efficient storage as the bicycles start to overlap with the handlebars.

photo from: Semi-vertical cycling bike parking | chinabikerack

The design team says that the frames can be easily installed on any steady wall and floor of brick, block, concrete, stone, or drywall. firstly, the head of the frame gets fixed in position with the attached pin fitted into a drilled hole in the wall. in a second step, the foot of the frame is set on the floor and fixed tightly with screws. see other projects by zeller & moye on designboom here.