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Screens type bike racks, both opportunities and challenges

Bike racks of non-motor vehicle vehicle parking problem, can see we have traffic congestion problems cannot be ignored.Know from when I just can remember bicycle hard-won, listen to my mom said the bicycle belongs to luxury in the s, was to see my father he had a bike with my dad.

After my mother is 70, in the 70 s bike is not as common as we are now, that s bicycle hasn't popularization, let alone a bicycle racks.Which already rotten street, as they are now more and more people have bicycles, people who do not cherish it more and more, so caused this mess now stop throwing the place, destroy the traffic order, has pollution situation of the city.

Bicycle racks was born in such an environment, he give priority to in order to solve the problem of bicycle traffic order from.To improve the city appearance is complementary, make people more convenient when parking the car.

Bicycle racks, both opportunities and challenges, bike racks, is a environment friendly transportation equipment, although it is only a spiral bike racks and bicycle parking area type two kinds of models, nor intelligent supervision vehicles, but along with our country to the urban construction of city environmental protection value, breakthrough now the situation is just around the corner now, isn't it a chance to challenge yourself?