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Bike racks livelihood issues need you

Living standard with more attention paid to the quality problem, the people's livelihood issues in the environmental protection is Paramount, chairman xi is put forward: "the environment is the people's livelihood" point of view.Undoubtedly bicycle became a synonym for environmental protection, the prevalence of transportation, and it parts of bicycle racks also gradually attracted people's attention.

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A lot of innovation will be the bike racks above laid a hand on him, and to rest and stop the bike racks and so on are all very interesting idea, but is not practical so much land is wasted.Still the old version of the racks to compare reality, not only practical covers an area of less, also do manual work is simple.Especially spiral racks is not limit vehicles, motorcycles, electric cars can be parked, can greatly reduce the harm of the stolen car lock, fundamentally is not only good to protect the car, also reduced the disorderly parking place caused by environmental problems.