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Several Two-tier Bike Frames in PV

  • Author:Iris Han
  • Release on:2018-01-23
Definition of Two Tier Bike Rack:
It is a metal bicycle parking equipment, which divided into two layers, to achieve three-dimensional parking function.

The upper frame using vertical lift, pull-type, direct pressure type, etc., the lower use of fixed, horizontal mobile and others.

The material is ordinary Q235 steel galvanized spray. Aluminum oxide treatment is available if necessary.

1, Save the area and improve the utilization of space.
2, Easy to manage the bicycle, so that the bicycle emission is more orderly, so that the chaotic and orderly and orderly.
3, Beautiful appearance, easy to use, humanized design, suitable for all kinds of environment.
4. Using each auxiliary device, the upper layer takes the bicycle to operate light, and improves the safety. The design is unique and safe and reliable.
5, Save labor and improve work efficiency.
6, Orderly parking, improve the quality of the city.

Production Process:
Semi finished material shears - Punching - Bending flange - Deburring Welding - Galvanized Spraying - Assembling - Packing - Loading

Non-motor vehicle intensive parking requirements in schools, shopping malls, office buildings, subways, parks, government agencies and other units.

Applications & Developments:
Japan, South Korea, Singapore, the Netherlands and other countries in the double-decker bike shelves began to develop more than a decade ago, facilities and equipment quite well. More in the mouth of the subway, shopping centers and other densely populated.