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Our recent bike rack projects

  • Author:Ethan Yao
  • Release on:2018-01-29
  In the current society, more and more people takes more care about their health than work, this happens a lot in China. You will see more people join in the sports like like running, hiking, climbing mountains,cycling etc. This is a trend for all humans to protect our earth by replacing cars which use fossil oil as fuel with new energy, cycling is a good way out for us to reduce release of carbon dioxide which also helps us keep fit and healthy. We treat this as a good opportunity and we are happy to supply parking services for the bicycles like bike parking racks, bike parking stations etc. Real estate companies like Vanke, Wanda, Baoli add bike parking racks as an essential products when they are designing community buildings. I will show you our recent bike rack projects for some Real estate companies.