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Suzhou International Trading Company Organization Set Up

  • Author:Rita
  • Release on:2016-04-27
Suzhou  International Trading Company Organization set up in recent days, that's mean many companies will join hands and help each other,in order to make our foreign trade business getting better.Luckily,Suzhou Pioneer Vehicle company,which is a bicycle storage factory, as one of the members take part in this meeting.

This meeting mainly discuss how to form a team,and how to comply with the "Internet Plus" e-commerce model of accelerated development.

There are 110 members join in this organization in this first meeting,these companies international trade sales total amount is $380 million in 2015.These companies come from different industries,including electrical and mechanical equipment,hardware tools,paper,electronic appliances,textile and clothing,and other fields.There products sales to around the world,the current sales model including exhibition,export,and E-commerce.

Many companies believed that this organization will help to foster a good company image, a improve the product's international competitiveness.