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The Great Victorian Bike Ride is coming and attracted 3500 visitors

  • Author:Rita
  • Release on:2015-11-30

Recently,the great victorian bike ride is coming and attacted over 3500 visitors to samll towns, the smaller towns put on for the riders.This offer an oppotunity to make more people know the towns.

First cab off the rank this year is Avoca, and they've done a fantastic job with a market featuring local wine and food producers, and a stage featuring live performers.

Alison Chapman who runs the local pub has been coordinating Avoca's welcome, but as she says it's been a real team effort.

"It's an opportunity to show three and a half thousand people what we have to offer and how good the town can look and how friendly the town is."

Avoca's relatively new Chinese gardens are right next to the market that's been set up today, providing a beautiful space to enjoy.

They've even arranged for the post office to be open so people can send their purchases home without having to carry them for the rest of the ride. Slso,some people said if there are some public bike racks and parks,the small towns will be more fascinating and make people's life more easier.

The Great Vic might only be in town for a short time, but Avoca has really grasped the opportunity to showcase the region and keep the 3,500 visitors happy for the night.


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