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Why Europeans like bike riding?

  • Author:Ethan
  • Release on:2015-12-01

Walk in the streets of European cities, particularly in developed countries, where the cyclists feeling than driving a car is also more. Residents of European countries have enough money to buy a car, and why they are more inclined to choose to ride fromDriving out of it? Europeans like to tell you why traveling by bicycle!

EU 27 Member States have 25 bikes sold in recent years was more than car sales. Even Ferrari and Lamborghini's hometown in Italy, people car, such as life, but last year's bike sales volume of nearly 2 million, but only 1.5 million cars around the amount of sales.

In the streets of Madrid, as long as the car blocking the path of people cycling, car windows it is likely to be crazy beat Spaniard. It is said in the Spanish capital Madrid, the last Thursday of each month will be occupying part of the street bike, blocking the car's path. No matter how crowded the road bike as usual "Dulu", car drivers have no alternative.

  Previously he had seen a Chinese student studying in Germany, then the Cultural Differences in contrast diagram, there is a painting described 30 years ago Europeans are driving, and now the Europeans are advocating cycling, while 30 years ago, Chinese people Cycling, and now the Chinese people to travel by car.

 Since the economic crisis, many European countries, economic setback. Originally planned to buy a car have changed a lot of people buy a bike, bike cheap price, do not pay premiums and the various taxes and fees. In DenmarkGasoline prices nearly two dollars a liter of gasoline costs in most European countries between 1.5 to 2 US dollars per liter, while bicycles without any fees.

And the car in Europe is no longer a symbol of status or money, and bike stands for environmental protection, will not pollute the environment. In the rush hour traffic jams will not suffer like a car. One of my Dutch friends, have a private yacht, car, travel in the urban area but he still prefers to ride a bike. His reason is environmental protection, health, convenience.