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The Kingdom of Bicycles

The Kingdom of Bicycles

China was referred to as the kingdom of bicycles in the 80s. There was amazing commutes in those years. And the parking of bicycles were also orderly. 

The usage of bicycles was dropping off while cars are rising. The bicycle lane was narrower and the bicycle parking lots were cut short. Although Green Travel is encourage now, for China, the title of the kingdom of bicycle is gone with the wind.

So who’s the real Kingdom of Bicycle? It’s Netherlands. Let’s have a look at the spectacular view in Amsterdam. Are you shocked? Swarms of bicycles are parking in an orderly way. Kinds of bicycle racks exist everywhere. Particularly the two tier bicycle racks effectively increased the capacity of the parking lots. 

The ordered bicycle racks and well-groomed bicycle parking lots should not only appear in the Kingdom of Bicycle, every cities and countries who advocate Green Travel are all wishful. If you like bicycles and want methodic bicycle parking lots as well as car parking lots, please pay your attention to Suzhou Pioneer Vehicle - China Bike Rack. You will find the bicycle racks catching your eyes.