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How to don't throw the bike in the Netherlands "bicycle kingdom"?

  How to don't throw the bike in the Netherlands "bicycle kingdom"? 

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  Netherlands in the people's impression is very safe! For residents, yes;but for the bike, that's quite another matter.According to the Dutch vehicle traffic organization ANWB statistics, the Netherlands has lost 311 bicycles everyday.

  Dutch bicycle association has done a survey, the results show that 45% of the stolen bicycle are near their home, 20% was stolen in the city centre, 18% near the railway station.A thief perseverance, match with professional crime tools, a bicycle transportation of mini bike, with enough time, almost can steal any bicycle.So what can we do to protect your property? That is to increase the difficulty of theft, let a thief takes more time.

  Add difficulty to thieves

  First, always remember to lock the bike, even if it's just leave for a moment, and do not take any chances.

  Second, we can refused to buy stolen thieves.If when buying a used bike, the owner will not be able to show its original invoice, you can query in Dutch police bike stolen registration system, and buy it after confirmation is not stolen.If you got stolen will make trouble for yourself, once the police found that you are using a stolen, and they have the right to confiscate the bike.

  Third, when buying a new bike you shoud be registration in time.When buying a bike can register it at the scene of the store, or register online.Bike registration is free and it is input color, brand and serial number, buy site and the owner of personal information.

  Fourth, when buying a new bike, please put the serial number on the body, it is not enough to label or printing.Many cities have a free moment the bicycle serial number, and they gave it an interesting name, whose bicycle.Bicycle carved clear and difficult to erase the serial number, this can reduce the thieves bike interest.

  Others advice, buy a small GPS tracking device, placed in the bicycle shelter, immediately once the bike has been stolen you can track the whereabouts of the bike.But this advice may only apply to the expensive bike, the owner is willing to give up investment to buy a GPS tracking device.

  Fifth, get a good lock, do not buy bad quality lock because of cheap, eventually lost his bike but do more harm than good.Should buy a 30-40 euros hardened steel lock or U lock.A bike with two different styles of locks, because a thief skills specialises in open a kind of lock, or stealing tools can only open one lock, two different locks may reassure thief bad idea.There is such a web site, 'www.stichtingart.nl', special test all kinds of lock anti-theft performance, and give the best performance of the lock.

  In addition, you can dress up your bike's characteristic, such as spray paint colors, with flowers - so that the bike looks very soil, but also reduces the thief's interest.

  Bicycle parking location

  Sometimes lost bike is not to be "stolen", but because you don't have parked the bike in the right place.If you see a sign clearly written on the forbidden to park the bike, then don't risk the obstinate park here, because is likely to be regularly patrolling urban management personnel to clean up your bike - don't be panic, of course, they won't get rid of the bike, the parking will be focused on a special place, wait the owner, don't parking the next time.If you see your bike was posted on a label, write "Fietsenwordenverwijderd", meaning "this bike will be removed," this is the bike will be removed before the warning, then you can move bike to change a good place.Once the bike is municipal personnel cleared, they will keep it 3 months at most, more than three months unclaimed as no main vehicle to refugees or auction for used bikes.

  Holland is a country friendly to bicycle, bicycle lanes, road signs suggest clear improvement, bicycle parking facilities is an indispensable part of each city infrastructure.City of Utrecht (Utrecht) for the convenience of cyclists, is to optimize the city bicycle system, at present there are 21 city indicates the information board, bicycle parking lot to 26, 2017, the information board will lead people to bicycle to detail clearly 11 free bicycle parking in the city.The city government spokesman said: "Utrecht city is currently the fastest growing Dutch city, the city became very busy, bicycle is the best way to take up less space transportation."Last year city of Utrecht used bicycle parking computer system, each parking garage will also inform to ride a bicycle on the information board of the parking garage and how much free parking space.

  Remember lock the bike when the bicycle rear wheel lock on the iron frame, or local materials, lock in the trees, lamp, grating, and so on.Lock the rear wheel of the reason is that it is not easy tear down, front wheel but can easily be removed.

  Dutch bicycle parking facilities are with local characteristics.Double bicycle frame, will definitely bring out the Dutch people surprise: how can I put the bike onto the upper frame of more than 1 m high?Dutch side of the road was often have the tin cup, this is a small bike storehouse of resident, use convenient open locks.