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The Third Meeting of Suzhou Foreign Trade SME Promotion Association Successfully Held

  • Author:Iris
  • Release on:2018-09-20
    On September 12, 2018, it was the day of the Suzhou Foreign Trade Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Association held in Suzhou Platinum Hotel.Foreign Trade SME Promotion Association is a grand event for Suzhou foreign traders! Foreign traders from Suzhou and representatives from various brothers' chambers of Jiangsu Province witnessed the development of Suzhou Foreign Trade SME Promotion Association. Our company is also honored to be one of the honorary members! Here I will lead everyone into the scene of the ceremony!

   This is the welcome booth of the promotion conference, and welcomes foreign traders from all directions.

    Mr. Tang, a cross-border data analyst, also gave a passionate speech. The theme he shared was the data age, and traffic websites were the top priority for attracting customers. At present, in the era of severe market, many traditional enterprises want to change. Channels are the biggest problem in introducing new era. The new business model is already open and the information has been completely open. How to use their own website construction is the focus of foreign trade enterprises.

    Executive President Mr. Peter Pan read the financial report of the promotion committee on behalf of all members. Mr Pan is also the owner of our Suzhou Pioneer Vehicle Company. He firmly believes that in the future you will definitely thank yourself for your hard work. Nowadays, the big data business model is developing very fast. Only when you change your thinking, the pattern needs to be reversed, and you can believe what others can't believe, you will get something that others can't get. The future belongs to the market of data, and even if you encounter setbacks, you must go on. Changing ideas is also an important means for companies to survive.

     Finally, the Suzhou SME Promotion Association held a signing ceremony to continue to work together for a better future.

   In the evening, the promotion meeting arranged a thank-you dinner. The president led the vice president to toast to everyone, thank you for your support to the Suzhou Foreign Trade Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Association.