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The way of foreign trade lies in "change"

  • Author:Ronnie Huang
  • Release on:2020-11-03

2020 is too unusual and is constantly changing. The roller coaster of foreign trade situation is indeed even worse. In this rapidly changing period, have you changed?

The "change" in foreign trade has changed in "strategic planning", in "channel layout", in "seeking opportunities in danger", and in taking change as a daily routine. After all, no matter what you encounter, you always have to start again and always find a solution. The only constant is our heart to solve problems and serve customers.

In less than one year, let’s see what we have changed.

1. We moved our office outside in the middle of last November. The factory is operating normally and the sales office is outside.

2. Rectification and decoration of offices and sample rooms, high-end samples showroom.

3. Products extension: Outdoor metal products, Indoor metal hardware. Continuous development around metal processing.

4. New products development in progress in the near future.

  While doing a good job in the original products and serving the customers, making the products more refined and wide-ranging is the only way to survive. "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you will get." Only by making continuous efforts can you gain.

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