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China's maritime trade will become a new bright spot

  • Author:Ronnie Huang
  • Release on:2020-10-28

  China is a large shipping country and the largest shipping demand center. In 2019, China's seaborne imports accounted for 22% of global seaborne imports, and China's seaborne exports accounted for 5% of global seaborne exports.

  It is reported in previous reports that during COVID-19, the number of applications from China's customs for merchandise exports increased by 208%, and the number of applications at US customs increased by 64%.

  Taking China's export trade to the United States as an example, domestic exporters worry that the US-China trade conflict will continue to escalate, which will affect export trade. In recent months, Chinese exporters have paid in advance for the shipping costs of American products.

  During the severe epidemic period, navigable routes are easily restricted, reduced, and capacity is reduced; in order to reduce transportation costs, various shipping companies have issued suspension plans, and have not adjusted their capacity in time to respond to the period of demand recovery. Throughout October and November, there will be an emergency shortage of containers, a hard to find a container, and a rising freight rate!


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