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What are the advantages and disadvantages of cycling?

  • Author:Murphy Qin
  • Release on:2021-05-19
Many people cycle to work not because of exercise or convenience, but simply because they are too poor to have enough savings to afford a car.In China, a lot of young people start to work by riding electric bikes and rely on small electric donkeys to get around every day, but within a few months they are stolen.Some people may choose to walk to work after their scooter has been stolen. They walk for 40 or 50 minutes every day, but later they find that walking to work is a waste of time.At this point, the bicycle makes more sense.

After riding a bicycle, I feel very relaxed and happy. I don't have to crowd the bus or subway with many people. Sometimes I can go around by bike after work at night or on weekends to find beauty and explore the beauty around me.

Although the convenience and comfort of commuting by bicycle is far less than that of electric mugs and cars, it is better to use the time saved by commuting by other transportation to do more kinds of physical exercise if it is to exercise.Compared with walking and public transport, cycling has the advantages of convenience, no need to wait for the bus, not afraid of the traffic jam, you can go through all kinds of paths, but also faster.

In fact, there are many disadvantages, cycling to work will be more tired, the winter is good, cycling exercise will not be so cold.Summer is really dare not ride fast, a little ride fast, to the office a smelly sweat image is not good to affect others is not good.Riding a bike is not good for carrying things. It is inconvenient to pick up a express or buy something on the way. Small items are fine, but slightly larger ones are troublesome.The most terrible thing is rainy day, rainy day that is really water from all directions to you, so don't ride your own bike to work in rainy day, it is not convenient and not safe.I just didn't have a choice.And then there's parking. Every adult can carry a bicycle.Every time, no matter how good my parking position is, when I get off work, it is squeezed in another corner to give you a meal.Every time I see it in the corner, I can always think of me in the corner.

But once you start commuting by bike, the thing to think about is where to put your bike when you're not riding.When you get home, you can use a portable collapsible bike rack that doesn't temporarily use your home space, but also looks beautiful.

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And when you're outdoors, you have to choose places that have public parking facilities, like commercial Spaces, with commercial parking racks.Bring your bike lock and attach your bike to the rack. This way, it will not only prevent theft, but also won't disturb the street.

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