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What requirements does a perfect bicycle parking devices shall meet?

  • Author:Murphy Qin
  • Release on:2021-07-08

1) Beautiful shape: novel form, lightweight structure, strong sense of design. It is in harmony with the spatial landscape and atmosphere of Beijing urban roads, which is easy to identify, but not exaggerated or dominant.

2) Easy to use: men and women, old and young can easily and conveniently access the vehicle;

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3) orderly: one car, even without management, cyclists are easy to park neatly. Strong wind resistance, even if it is a strong wind, the bicycle will not fall down;

4) Strong adaptability: it is generally applicable to the urban road space in Beijing. The efficient and comprehensive use of road space should be considered, so that parking does not affect normal traffic even in narrow road sections (such as oblique and three-dimensional parking, etc.);

5) safe and reliable: reasonable structure design, material strength is sufficient, durable. The bare part has no sharp corners, edges, burrs, etc. The material can adapt to the climatic conditions of Beijing, dust, high temperature, humidity, vibration, static electricity and other harsh environment.

6) Low carbon environmental protection: all materials are in line with China's national environmental protection standards, low carbon, environmental protection, material saving;

7) Easy maintenance: easy maintenance operation, less time, long maintenance cycle, low cost. Integral design, reduce parts, fasteners and standard parts using metric system, the same function of the parts can be interchangeable, easy to whole or partial replacement;

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8) Implementation: material selection is appropriate, cost-effective, suitable for mass production.

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