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How to solve the problem of bicycle parking effectively?

  • Author:Murphy Qin
  • Release on:2021-07-07

The significance of pure green transportation.

Bicycle transportation is flexible, convenient, land saving, punctual, fast, door-to-door advantages, suitable for short and medium distance travel in the city, is also an important end of public transportation tools. Because it does not consume energy and discharge harmful substances, it is also called "pure green transportation".

The key to the healthy development of bicycle traffic is to solve the problem of "going" and "stopping". "Line" is the right of way protection, "stop", we need to improve the parking facilities. At the same time, bicycle parking should not affect the normal road traffic, should not affect the urban road space landscape and the overall quality.

Bike Parking Problem

1, Lack of spatial guidance

Because of the large number of public services such as shops and stations along city roads, many cyclists need to temporarily park their bikes in the road space. Due to poor parking guidance or inadequate facilities, cyclists do not know where to park, leading to some people parking indiscriminate, obstructing the normal passage of pedestrians.

2. Poor parking facilities

In recent years, all districts began to pay attention to bicycle parking space guidance and facilities supply, but parking facilities can not meet the needs and demands.

-Only line without parking rack

On a windy day ,If there is only a line without a parking rack, the parked vehicles are easy to fall over, which not only affects the appearance of the city and the landscape, but also damages the vehicles. Many dockless bikes are now parked on a single pole, making them more prone to collapse in the wind. According to observation additionally, cyclist has a psychology, like to rely on to park in baluster, tree, electric pole namely, the purpose is convenient add lock against theft, still can prevent to fall down.

- The parking rack is not beautiful and practical

Now there are all kinds of parking racks on the road, some of them are not beautiful, some of them are not functional. For example, the metal ring parking rack set in recent years will not only fall down in case of wind, but also because the parking space is difficult to master, it is easy to appear the phenomenon of insufficient space utilization and irregular stacking.

3.Building parking allocation is not scientific

Now residential area and construction of large public buildings in many bicycle parking facilities located in the basement, cyclists generally thought difficult to use and are willing to park on the ground, but the ground is the car parking lot, forcing the bicycle to the gate of this unit of the urban road space, was supposed to solve the parking problem in its own land to urban road space, If there is a lack of guidance or a lack of space, this can happen.

The design of centralized storage of bicycles in residential areas also does not conform to the wishes of cyclists, who prefer to park near the entrance of building doors, because many people use bicycles to facilitate "door-to-door", especially in shopping, picking up children and other situations. This demand is reasonable and should be met.

Main countermeasures

slot bicycle parking rack | outdoor bike parking rack

1. Residential areas and large public service facilities along the road

It is required that adequate and convenient parking facilities be provided for bicycles on construction land. Bicycle parking Spaces should not be located underground, but should be set on the ground; It should be located near the entrance and exit of personnel, and those with more entrances and exits should be scattered. Otherwise, even if bicycle parking facilities are installed, cyclists will not be willing to use them and will park their bikes in places they consider convenient, interfering with normal traffic.

2. Small public service facilities with no parking quota along the road

Because such facilities do not have a parking space, you can use the space between the road trees, the space between the machine and non-divider trees nearby, flexible setting of bicycle parking rack. When the remaining width of the sidewalk is less than the minimum value in Table 1, the bicycle parking space should be arranged diagonally to save space and avoid the influence of the normal passage of the road due to protrusions. Whether it is set in the space of the street tree or on the non-isolation belt depends on the space conditions of the road section.

3. Rail transit station and ground bus station

Enough and convenient bicycle parking and transfer facilities should be set up nearby according to the need, and the built station without setting conditions can be used to set up bicycle parking facilities flexibly in the space between the street trees and the space between the machine and non-separating belt trees. Bicycle parking facilities in rail transit stations should be distributed near the entrances and exits according to the flow and direction of bicycle traffic.

4. Parking facilities

From the anti-lodging, uniformity, its own shape, volume, color and other aspects, in several parking racks, a white triangle metal bracket effect is better, and a car, parking order, light structure, both eye-striking and low-key not abrupt, recommended to use. Among them, the bracket at random height, the handlebar will not be scraped when the access car, access is more convenient, but also reduce the transverse spacing, save space, the effect is better.

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